Buddy Elias is an amazing snowboarder, skater and single above knee amputee He has been through obsticals most people will never have to face yet he is one of the happiest people we know.

Skateboarding or snowboarding?

Hard to say, I love them both so much but if i had to choose, I would have to go with snowboarding because I like the cooler 
weather and the mountains.


Well, lets see, I think that goes to my 2 kidz, they are my motivation and a big part of the reason I do these sports.

You have had a pretty tuff time over the past couple of years. What sticks out as a positive in that time?  Yea, this family has been through alot to say the least but as I have told everyone we touch, Faith in GOD, Strong Family unit, and Great Friends. Thats how we got through it, and we are still having fun. No limits is our family motto. My sons cancer is in full remission,  me riding again without a leg in both sports, skate/snowboard, and my wife still loves me

How often do you skate?

With our schedule, it's hard but I get out at least 1 or 2 times a week, if I'm lucky. Not to mention you have from 8.00am to 10.00am then the temp here reaches about 90 to 100 degrees.

Tell us about your new snowboard set up?

OMG, ok I don’t even know where to start. Well Sam asked me how was I going to ride last summer, I Prayed, and the Rig was born
I took a forearm crutch a few other components and put it in a boot, binded it in and up the hill we went. The first rig didn’t work so well, I had very little balance, and my 1 leg was  tired by the end of the hill.
So off to Home Depot I went, bought me some shelf brackets, a ratchet tie stap, and some duct tape, and The rig was ready again, up the hill we went.
This time i had so much control I hit my first box. Yea I killed it. I spotted the next box and hit it, well I was sliding backside , when I came off the crutch snapped right in half!! Getting off the hill was fun , and when I got home, back off to Home Depot I went.
Once I made the crutch stronger it hasn't broke since and Iv'e took some good spills with it too.


NO! I love our LIFE, and I wouldn't change anything, well maybe a cool mill in the bank. LOL

Favorite skate video?

 Doesn't matter, I like em all. 

Favorite skater?

My fav skater would have to be Chris Gentry, I love his style and guts. And not just because he is on my team.

You recently went from a below knee amputee to an above knee, right?

 Yes, I’m now an AK(above the knee).

We love your family. Tell us about Turbo.

 Turbo is in full remission from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(A.L.L) type T which is very rare, 13 cases in 25 yrs at the local childrens hospital. It hasnt slowed him much either, as soon as he sees me pick up my gear hes like, where we going dad, I'm trying to hold him back till all this is over. We have 1 more year of treatment left, if at that point he's good, they will pull the mediport!!

10 year plan?

I want to teach disabled kids to skate and snowboard, any disability, M.S., C.P., down syndrome, amputees, anyone with a good spirt and watch my kids grow up then get old!

X Games are coming up. Excited?

OH YEA BABY I coming pumped, and shinning like a star!!!!

Shout outs?

I want to thank GOD first HE gave me this path to follow, then my wife and kids, Andie, Sam, and Gary for putting up with Daddy's Crazy ASS and all my broken bones, next would be my team Adaptive Action Sports for giving me and my family these opportunities, that I would probably never get without them, Wicked Adrenaline Inc. for always making me feel like a Star, my bros Gary and Wez for all your support and Wez also with helping my family so much, Amy and Dan for all the blood, sweat, and tears you 2 have shed for our team. I so appreciate ALL OF YOU!!!!!!! If I left anyone out Im sorry.

Buddy1 Leg/AAS Athlete/Amputee Advocate