Geoff Feldesman, a skier and snowboarder, is a resident of Breckenridge, CO, which is about 30 minutes drive from Copper.  His professional affiliation is Health Care, particularly managed care and pharmacy benefits.  His company has recently converted from a Partnership to an S-Corp, making him familiar with requirements for an employee-structured business model.  This is important to AAS since we have recently converted parts of our staff to the status of salaried employees.

In his business operations, Geoff is familiar with the development of financial and administrative policies and procedures and has indicated a willingness to review, and help revise as appropriate, our policies and procedures.  In addition, Geoff can link us to pro bono legal services that specialize in nonprofit law.

In the past two years, Geoff has been a huge asset to AAS in that he has provided “overflow” housing for adaptive trainees and injured military/veterans who have participated in AAS events.  This has been a great cost savings to AAS and has allowed us to extend our services to a wider range of participants.