It all started when…

Adaptive Action Sports was founded in 2005 by Daniel Gale and Amy Purdy, to help create opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities to get involved in skateboarding and snowboarding, as well as other action sports. At the time there were limited resources for those who skate and snowboard with some sort of physical disability. AAS was the first organization of it's kind to focus on bringing these types of sports to the disabled community.

Daniel Gale is the current Executive Director, who is also a Sports Organizer for ESPN and the Summer X Games, organizing the Adaptive Moto X Race, the Adaptive Skateboardpark Jam, Adaptive Snocross and the Adatpive Snowboarder X. He is a competitive snowboarder, avid skateboarder and all around board sports enthusiast. It was his partner, Amy Purdy's struggle to achieve her action sports goals despite her "dis"ability that inspired them to create Adaptive Action Sports.  

Amy Purdy was  an artist and board sport enthusiast as well growing up. Her goal was to spend a few years traveling the world and snowboarding when suddenly,  at the age of 19 her life changed forever. After a day of flu like symptoms Amy was rushed to the hospital in a state of  septic shock  and diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis, a  deadly blood infection. Amy fought for her life for nearly  3 months, leaving the hospital a completely different person physically, mentally, and spiritually. Amy lost both of her legs below the knee, as well as all kidney function, but it didn't stop her from following her dreams. Amy is now a medaled snowboarder, actress, TV host, dancer, public speaker, and Advocate for Element Skateboards. She has also collaborated with Element Eden to release a clothing line in the summer of 2015.

"I love the positive influence our organization has on others and the exciting way in which it does. I can't wait to see the future of "adaptive" sports especially in the action sports arena. These athletes are truly role models and inspirations to us all."