Ken Rogers, a former member of the Colorado Track Club, lives in Oak Creek, CO, about an hour and a half drive from Copper Mountain.  

Ken’s background includes experience in promotions and special events including the Bolder Boulder, U.S. Supercross and U.S. Superbike Championship series.  He helped found and develop Hardcard Systems, a company that produces affordable timing and scoring systems for motorsports, bicycling and running.  He currently coordinates and teaches paramedic training courses for the nine campuses of Colorado Mountain College.

Ken is the proud owner of two “adaptive” therapy dogs, each of whom use “prosthetics” to cope with not having front legs.  Ken designs and builds the adaptive devices for his dogs and has provided them to others with special needs pets. As a board member for Heeling Friends in Steamboat Springs, CO, he is involved with recruiting, training and managing therapy dog teams.  He is also in the process of starting an organization that will respond to disasters such as Sandy Hook by providing “comfort canines” in affected communities. 

Ken with Kandu.png