End of year challenge

AAS has been offered a $5,000 challenge grant. That means any dollar you donate to AAS until December 31, 2010 will be matched up $5,000.00 by one of our private donors! We challenge you to help raise the match!

This winter, AAS is offering two 3-day Pipeline Camps for military personnel and veterans who have been permanently disabled in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The events will be held at Sierra at Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, CA, on January 21-23 and February 24-26, 2011.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Schultz at the AAS Windells Snowboard Camp http://www.aaronschultz.com/ 

Although AAS has provided Adaptive Snowboard Clinics since 2005, these 2011 camps initiate AAS’ new Pipeline concept. The AAS Pipeline provides a pathway for permanently disabled individuals to develop their snowboarding skills from beginner to expert levels. Disabled individuals can enter the Pipeline at any level. Continuity is the keystone. Outcomes will include increased availability of exciting snowboarding experiences. The results will be enjoyment, increased healthy life styles and increased expectations for the potential of disabled individuals.

Funds raised will be used to extend our exciting new 2011 Pipeline Learn to Ride and Race Snowboard Camps for Wounded Warriors to include a chance for partici-pants to compete in the USASA Nationals in March. Funds will also be used to expand the Pipeline to include non-military disabled snowboarders.

(Adaptive Snowboard Coaches at DSUSA Ski Spectacular including AAS’ Evan, Amy and Dan)

Our snowboard programs got a jump-start December 5-11 when Dan, Amy and Evan (all volunteer AAS staff) were invited by Disabled Sports – USA to coach wounded warriors attending the DSUSA Hartford Ski Spectacular in Breckenridge, CO. Besides helping disabled vets experience the thrill of snowboarding, AAS received an added bonus from its involvement in the Spectacular. CNN was on-site and filmed a segment on AAS Co-Founder Amy Purdy. The segment will appear on CNN’s series “Breakthrough Women” twice a day on December 24 and 26.

Any amount you can contribute will be helpful. We will send a receipt to you which will make your donation tax-deductible, if appropriate.

Donate at www.adaptiveactionsports.blogspot.com. Also visit www.adacs.org.

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