There are a variety of resources to help you train, compete, and succeed. Here are organizations we work with a recommend to help you on your journey!

AMPUTEE COALITION: The Amputee Coalition is a great resource for amputees for everything from prosthetics to healthcare to education and peer support.

  • A comprehensive resource center provides information and support to individuals and families living with limb loss or limb difference.
  • Resources and information on pain management techniques and strategies.
  • A variety of community events, support groups, and educational conferences throughout the year. 


CAF: The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) provides a comprehensive range of resources to empower individuals with physical disabilities to pursue their athletic dreams and achieve their full potential. 

  • Financial grants to athletes with disabilities to cover the costs of adaptive sports equipment, coaching, competition fees, and travel expenses.  
  • Workshops, seminars, and counseling services to promote emotional well-being and resilience.
  • Online resource center that provides athletes with disabilities with information on adaptive sports, training techniques, equipment recommendations, and community support groups.


MOVE UNITED: Move United is a nonprofit organization that provides adaptive sports programs and support for people with disabilities. They offer a variety of resources for adaptive action sports athletes, including:

  • A searchable database of adaptive sports programs and events
  • Financial assistance for athletes and teams
  • Educational resources on adaptive sports
  • Advocacy and support for adaptive athletes 


USASA: The United States of America Snowboarding Association (USASA) is the national governing body for adaptive snowboarding in the United States. They offer a variety of resources for adaptive snowboarders, including:

  • A membership program that provides access to competitions, training camps, and other benefits
  • A coaching program for adaptive snowboard coaches
  • Advocacy and support for adaptive snowboarders

PARALYMPIC SNOWBOARDING: FIS: The International Ski Federation (FIS) is the governing body for international ski and snowboard sports. They offer a number of resources for adaptive athletes, including:

  • A classification system for adaptive athletes
  • Rules and regulations for adaptive snowboarding competitions
  • Support for adaptive athletes at international events
  • A calendar for international events


WADA: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is responsible for overseeing the fight against doping in sport. They offer a variety of resources for athletes, including:

  • An online education platform on doping
  • A list of prohibited substances and methods
  • Support for athletes who are concerned about doping


WSA-World Snowboard Federation: World Snowboard Federation is the division of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) responsible for para-snowboarding. They offer a variety of resources for adaptive snowboarders, including:

  • A classification system for adaptive snowboarders
  • Rules and regulations for para-snowboarding competitions
  • Support for adaptive snowboarders at international events


In addition to these organizations, there are also a number of other resources available to adaptive action sports athletes. For example, many local parks and recreation departments offer adaptive sports programs and there are a number of private companies that offer adaptive sports equipment and instruction.

If you are an adaptive action sports athlete, we encourage you to explore the resources available to you. These organizations can help you train, compete, and succeed in your sport.

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